Case Studies

Maritime Multimedia

Providing internet access to the crew's aboard the Royal Navy's warships.

Containerised communications for HMS Protector

Developing a military communications solution for the Royal Navy's ice patrol vessel

Carry-on Bowman

Providing a secure voice and data communications network for boarding operations to improve situational awareness

Gunnery Communications

Quickly developing a solution to improve gunnery control and communciations

Satellite communications for the Royal Navy

Integrated Logistic Support for Britain's warship and submarine fleets

Configurable Communications Masts

High reliability and configurable masts for maritime applications

Water-cooled cabinets for the Royal Navy

Addressing a complex and challenging technical problem for military maritime environments in above and below surface platforms.

Data Distribution System for Air Traffic Control

Distributing live and static data to Air Traffic Control operators at their positions, eliminating the time wasting and errors caused by misreading handwritten data.