Configurable Communications Masts

STS Defence offer a range of structural, multi-function configurable communications masts for maritime operations.

STS Defence supplied and supports the multi-function configurable communications masts used on the Royal Navy’s Type 45 Daring Class air-defence destroyer, and is now leading the development and integration of the next generation of modern communications masts for the Type 26, City Class frigates.
Modular construction
Built-in redundancy
Supports a range of antenna types
Unique isolation screens
Lloyds accredited
Complete through-life support
Optional fibre-optic mast-head

What we offer

The design is a modular and scalable, configurable integrated communications mast solution fully delivering customer communication requirements.  It provides optimum and increased cross section RF decoupling between all antennas, using proven pioneering isolation screen technology, which enhances multiple RF antenna performance across a relatively small ships superstructure footprint.

A ground breaking and innovative integrated MHSL optics solution is also included, consisting of fibre-optics and multiple lenses system whilst providing unobstructed 235°arc, superb candlepower luminance and 100% operational reliability, which is fully endorsed by Lloyds Register and the Maritime Coastguard agency under ‘The merchant Shipping (Distress Signals and Prevention of Collisions) Regulations 1996”.

The masts are lightweight, strong, robust and reliable, providing a low-cost, low-maintenance through life support design solution:

  • Fully encapsulated internal cabling
  • Physical cable separation to ensure tempest clearance
  • Fully integrated compliant lightening conductor system that meets DefStan 02-516 requirements

Find out more

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