IConIC, a revolutionary new artificial intelligence system for the marine sector

By 18th June 2019Blog, News

IConIC increases vessel availability, saves money and reduces environmental impact

Assured vessel availability is critical to optimise operations and avoid unwanted and expensive downtime.  ‘Unhealthy’ engines risk failure, burn more fuel and increase CO2 emissions. 

These issues are worsened by the 2020 legislation for switching to low sulphur fuel which is not only at an increased cost but can also impose strain on engine operation and increase maintenance costs.

This June, STS Defence is launching a revolutionary new technology called IConIC that can automatically tell shipping operators how healthy their engines are and warn of impending failures long before they become a problem. 

IConIC has been developed by STS Defence to measure optimum live engine performance whilst also predicting future fault symptoms long before they are seen through current condition monitoring methods.  It uses AI and edge computing to quickly learn what the healthy state of any engine looks like in any environment and then presents real-time autonomous health monitoring.

Dr David Garrity, Chief Technology Officer, says: ‘In our experience, a typical engine in a small to medium sized ship can save €130k a year in fuel and 580 tonnes of CO2 simply by making sure it always runs in an optimum healthy state.  We have also seen that unexpected engine faults can cause catastrophic failures and result in unplanned downtime and urgent maintenance repairs easily costing in excess of €500k per incident.  However, it is not easy to maintain and operate an engine in optimum health all of the time.  Even the very best monitoring systems lack sufficient granularity of detail or early enough indications, and rarely adapt to the specific system and environment. Without IConIC operators are throwing money away’.

Being able to ensure an engine is healthy at all times offers significant benefits of optimisation and fuel efficiency.  Combining this with the ability to predict future engine failures enables a far more efficient operation.

The additional benefits of IConIC are that it is non-invasive, can easily be retrofit to any engine and offers payback in less than a year.

If you would like to find out more and explore the possibility of joining our list of early adopters taking part in product trials this year then please get in touch or join us at our launch reception from 4pm on Tuesday 25th June in Amsterdam.


STS Defence invites you to join us for the launch event for IConIC – the world’s first AI-based autonomous health monitoring system for marine engines, at the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo 2019, Amsterdam on 25th-27th June 2019.