“When looking after engines, you can’t beat an experienced engineer. With time, they intuitively ‘know’ when something isn’t quite right. The standard sensor suites only provide the basic information, and its only when the engineer steps into the engine compartment that potential issues come to light.”

IConIC applies artificial intelligence to monitor and improve system efficiency and increases availability by up to 25%.

A new approach to condition monitoring, IConIC uses non-invasive sensors and artificial intelligence to ‘learn’ what a healthy System (engine, drivetrain or motor) sounds like in its specific environment. System health is presented to the on-board crews or other remote engineers using a simple graphical interface which can also be transmitted back to a Central Operations Centre without the need for large amounts of costly data transfer and provides the ability to view the total systems condition and availability.
IConIC provides live meaningful system health information that enables maintenance cost reduction and improved fuel consumption.


Marine Engines and Hybrids

Small to large engines and hybrid units

Pumps and Generators

Marine pumps and electrical generators

Offshore Energy

Rotary and reciprocating plant on wind turbines and other offshore generators

As plant approaches point of failure, different indicators start to appear, giving the maintainer time to plan and effect a repair. Through Artificial Intelligence, IConIC provides significantly more time for maintenance plans to be scheduled.

In addition, completing maintenance early ensures less effect on the plants efficiency and the risk of secondary damage to other components.

System Overview

IConIC takes more readings than traditional condition monitoring systems, using non-invasive vibration sensors, that are robust, easy to retrofit and maintain.
On-board module uses fast, embedded processors.
The output of the system presents a user-friendly indication of system health. Unlike many other alarm systems, IConIC shows an analogue representation of system health.
System health can also be transmitted directly to the relevant engineers, allowing them to review the data whilst investigating faults.
Selected data is then sent using the most appropriate carrier to a central Operations Centre. During normal operations, only key data is transmitted to reduce satellite overhead, whilst larger data sets can be uploaded when a vessel is alongside or during a site visit, enabling system-wide analysis to identify the patterns that will improve fault diagnosis and system optimisation.

System Healthiness

IConIC learns the ‘signature’ of what a healthy system looks like in a specific environment, with the potential to pinpoint specific faults depending on how the signature changes.

IConIC’s healthiness score is based on analysing how close the system is to a healthy/ unhealthy boundary on an n-dimension hypersphere. A score of zero represents this boundary, with a positive score indicating good health, and a negative score indicating poor health.

This can then be portrayed in a very visual manner to engineers so they can quickly determine the healthiness of specific cylinders, pumps or drive chains.

Features and Benefits

Simple to implement

Non-invasive, easy to install sensors


Identifies failures earlier than any other platform-based techniques


Delivers performance insight in real time to both ship’s crew and shore-side operations

Measures system healthiness

Quantifies the system’s health in its particular environment, rather than just a fault alarm (on/off)

Informs system-wide maintenance

Combines intelligence from across platforms, enabling fleet-wide optimisation

Complements maintenance operations

Delivers visual diagnostics to the crew via portable devices

Reduces direct costs

Improved fuel consumption, less unscheduled maintenance and reduced spares and supply chain costs

Reduces indirect costs

Fewer project delays, improved customer confidence, less contractual penalties, lower environmental impact

Our Evaluation Partners

IConIC is being part-funded by the UK Government’s Innovate UK programme, and draws together six organisations.

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