STS Subsea

STS Subsea designs and manufactures highly-specialised, bespoke connectors, electrical umbilicals, cables and antennas designed for use in under-sea or harsh environments.

We offer a complete prototyping service, from design and manufacture to electrical and pressure testing to 10,000psi, with an on-site moulding service and an over-moulding material capability for Polyurethane, Neoprene and Polyethelene components, as well as metal to glass seals designed to prevent water ingress to a depth of up to 3600 metres.

Under-sea examples include specialised applications such as the hull-penetrator, cable and antenna for the Astute submarine’s UHF and SARSAT distress beacon and a 300m sea cable – carried with a moulded strain-relief connector – for the winch on the 2093 mine-hunting sonar which incorporates a combined hydraulic/electrical cable assembly.

Just above the water, solutions include the cable harnesses for an array of deep ocean meteorological buoys.

Our customers include many Defence prime contractors, the British and overseas navies, and world leading oceanographic research organisations.

One of the core capabilities of STS Subsea is adapting commercially available products for use in subsea and harsh environments, tailored to specific customer needs. As a consequence we have developed various standard product ranges that are available from stock or on very short lead times :-

Standard range of MetOcean metal shell connectors(MetOcean Datasheet 090316ver3.pdf)

Neoprene RMK connector range (RMK 1_0 Power Range 090316.pdf)

Expanded Beam Fibre Optic connectors (Fibre Optic Product Brief 080316.pdf)

Coaxial connectors (Subsea Coaxial Connectors 090316.pdf)

Switches and Sensors (04717 STS Limit Switch 090316.pdf & Inductive Proximity Switch 090316.pdf)

A New Home for STS Subsea (Beacon Park Newsletter 110316.pdf)

For more information on the STS Subsea capability, call us on +44 1493 751857, use the Contact page above or visit us at our new facility in Great Yarmouth:
Unit 7 Blackfriars Court,
Excalibur Road,
Beacon Park,
Great Yarmouth,
NR31 7RQ

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STS Subsea are members of the Solent Marine Renewable Consortium

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