Integration & Support

Installing and maintaining complex electronic systems on operational platforms and military facilities is challenging. STS Defence has been installing and supporting such systems for over 25 years.



Networks & IT


Integration & Support Solutions

Installation & Integration

We provide full installation and integration services including surveys, equipment disposal, installation and setting to work.



Training & Education

We develop and deliver specialist training and education programmes to the defence and nuclear industries.



In-Service Support

We deliver Integrated Logistic Support for in-service equipment, including remote and on-board support and spares management.



What we offer

Platform knowledge

Experience of wide range of surface and sub-surface platforms.

System expertise

Wide expertise in systems and operational needs.


In-house design and development.

Global support

CONDO-trained staff, deployable anywhere in the world.

Assured delivery

Company accreditations and individual qualifications.


Blue-chip capability with an SME cost-base.

Installation & Integration Capabilities

Starting from an initial concept or a detailed specification, we integrate a wide range of systems; designing components, interfaces and enclosures and producing the documentation and drawings necessary for prototyping, production and installation.


  • Installation site surveys
  • Site preparation and management
  • Feasibility studies and reports
  • Costing and evaluation surveys

System & Component Design

  • Design of mechanical, electrical and electronic systems
  • Use of Inventor 3D CAD
  • RF, software and structural design capability

Technical publications

  • Technical authoring and illustrating
  • System, operator, workshop and maintenance manuals
  • Illustrated parts catalogues
  • Training material

Installation design

  • Installation guidance packages
  • Level 1, 2 and 3 guidance information
  • Mature design solutions documents
  • Interface and test specifications
  • Bespoke installation datum packs


  • Complex communications, sensor, multimedia and IT based systems
  • COTS electrical installations
  • Containerised communications facilities
  • CONDO trained installation team, SC or DV cleared


  • Setting-to-work and commissioning
  • Installation inspections and acceptance
  • Naval weapons harbour trials
  • Factory acceptance tests
  • Initial provisioning

Training & Education Capabilities

We develop and deliver specialist training and education programmes to the defence and nuclear industries. Utilising the latest developments in multimedia and distance learning, we offer tailored programmes that help you make the most of your people.

Tailored Training

Our complete learning packages will be tailored to your needs, whatever they may be. We have unique experience from our work in the defence and nuclear industries, enabling us to deliver and empowering you and your company to reap the benefits.

Digital Learning

The growth of the digital generation is having a dramatic impact on the way people learn. We understand the impact and benefits of digital technology as aids to learning and development, leveraging modern technology in new and exciting ways to create packages that are memorable, educational and appropriate.

Multimedia Design

We also design and develop a whole range of multimedia, either as a separate service or as part of a learning package. Our expert multimedia design team develop a variety of graphical assets to perfectly suit your learning needs.

In-Service Support

Maintaining military equipment in a state of high readiness requires a support system that is capable of resolving any issue, anywhere in the world, with the shortest possible delay. We have been providing Integrated Logistic Support to the MOD since the early 90s, using availability and reliability engineering to optimise the management of repairs, maintenance, obsolescence and spares.

24/7 Worldwide Support

Documentation & Design Support


Obsolescence Management

CONDO Trained Engineers

Add value to your support activities

Because we work across the product life-cycle, integration and through-life support activities benefit from our research, design and manufacturing capabilities, allowing us to research and adapt COTS equipment to better fit your requirements.

Case studies

Containerised communications for HMS Protector

Developing a military communications solution for the Royal Navy's ice patrol vessel

Maritime Multimedia

Providing internet access to the crew's aboard the Royal Navy's warships.

Data Distribution System for Air Traffic Control

Distributing live and static data to Air Traffic Control operators at their positions, eliminating the time wasting and errors caused by misreading handwritten data.

Water-cooled cabinets for the Royal Navy

Addressing a complex and challenging technical problem for military maritime environments in above and below surface platforms.

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