The prestigious and internationally recognised Fire Service College based in Moreton-in-Marsh has recently undertaken a commitment to STS Defence by signing a contract for the provision of equipment. The contract is for a 26 week long term demonstration and trial of FiRST wearable technology and remote temperature monitoring using telemetry following a request from the College. This follows the success of a previous trial and development project across the UK and at a training centre in the USA. The College instructors will be wearing FiRST technology with the optional telemetry feature during training delivered to new recruits from a range of Fire and Rescue Services from across the UK and the Globe. There will also be static temperature monitoring with remote displays for all structural fire exercises during the contract period.

John Boswell, Fire Service Operations Manager, Fire Service College said “During the initial trials of the FiRST technology, we at the College found the devices to be an excellent training aid during fire behaviour sessions. The units provided a ‘warning’ to delegates and instructors alike that a flashover was about to occur. This is a valuable indicator in a training environment particularly during the foundation training period. It allows the delegates to hone their dynamic risk assessments and apply the correct firefighting techniques to either extinguish the fire or cool the fire gases, this in turn can prevent the rapid increase in temperature and the flashover occurring.

 “As an operational piece for equipment, it gives an early warning about the changing fire conditions within a compartment, prompting the firefighter to do something, possibly retreat or attack the fire. This technology will tell the firefighter things about the fire that they may not see or feel, even if they are using a thermal imaging camera. A valuable piece of technology”