Maritime Multimedia

Maritime Multimedia improves the welfare of ships’ companies by giving them access to multimedia and welfare services wherever they are, whenever, and however, they want to consume it.

For the generation who have grown up with the internet; access to the web, social media, email, and instant messaging, as well as being able to consume rich audio-visual content – live and on-demand – is a basic lifestyle need. Deployment for extended periods without the expectation of modern instant communication and information was identified as a barrier to the recruitment and retention of skilled, dedicated personnel to serve in both the Royal Navy and the Royal Fleet Auxiliary.

We provide a dedicated, secure and approved Wi-Fi network, independent of operational systems, which delivers content to crews’ own devices both at sea and when alongside.

HMS Queen Elizabeth entering Portsmouth Harbour


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    Internet access – web, social media, email

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    Wi-Fi access in recreation, mess and user spaces

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    ‘Bring your own device’, authenticated user access

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    Live and catch-up TV, movies and sport

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    Secure and safe to protect users

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    Operational control of access and bandwidth

STS Defence supports on-board satellite TV reception and distribution systems throughout the fleet and has established an effective support infrastructure including the management of repairs, maintenance, obsolescence, spares and safety as well as post design services and technical documentation. A 24/7 telephone helpdesk allows users to report issues and call upon CONDO trained engineers ready to affect repairs.

Our solution brings families and home comforts that little bit closer to our naval personnel and significantly contributes to improvements in morale, retention and recruitment.

Schematic diagram of Maritime Multimedia

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