Our business was built supporting the UK’s military capability. Today, we install and support systems across the UK’s defence platforms and military facilities, offering the MOD and major defence companies our extensive technical expertise and platform experience to deliver low-risk, value-for-money solutions.

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What we offer


Wide expertise in systems and operational needs.

Qualifications and experience

Blend of ex-service experience and qualified engineers.


In-house research, design and manufacturing.

Platform Knowledge

Experience of wide range of surface and sub-surface platforms.


Quick to react to Customer needs, anywhere in the world.

Assured delivery

Reputation for delivering excellence.

Our capabilities

Research & Technology

We supplement your in-house research capabilities, investigating and refining technologies, systems and products to increase effect.

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Design & Manufacture

We produce electronic and mechanical systems and sub-assemblies where quality, reliability and security are paramount.

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Integration & Support

We work with you to integrate electronic systems onto military platforms and provide integrated logistic support through-life.

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Case studies

Data Distribution System for Air Traffic Control

Distributing live and static data to Air Traffic Control operators at their positions, eliminating the time wasting and errors caused by misreading handwritten data.

Gunnery Communications

Quickly developing a solution to improve gunnery control and communciations

Containerised communications for HMS Protector

Developing a military communications solution for the Royal Navy's ice patrol vessel

Maritime Multimedia

Providing internet access to the crew's aboard the Royal Navy's warships.

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