STS Defence was tasked with undertaking a feasibility study into removal of wild heat from a cabinet containing mission-critical equipment aboard a UK submarine using a supply of chilled water without increasing the ambient temperature within the compartment.

The study concluded that the level of heat removal was possible and proposed a cabinet design would provide the required temperature control using the boat’s chilled water supply with a bespoke heat exchange and fan matrix.

The challenge

STS Defence was then contracted to design, manufacture and test a single 34U aluminium cabinet solution which met IP54 standards and incorporated both red and black components, associated cable loom management and power supplies as well as a unique automatic transfer switch connected to the boat’s primary and secondary supplies to provide uninterrupted power to the equipment.

The solution

Extensive EMC and environmental testing was undertaken which culminated in a successful demonstration where cool air was driven by forced convection through the equipment. The uninterrupted power operations to essential components was also successfully demonstrated.

The results

This was a complex, challenging technical requirement resulting in an equipment enclosure that was designed and built to meet military maritime environments in above and below surface platforms.