Subsea Systems - Quality in the harshest of environments

STS Defence designs and manufactures highly-specialised, bespoke subsea connectors, electrical umbilicals, cables and antennas designed for use in under-sea or harsh environments.

We specialise in adapting commercially available products for use in subsea and harsh environments, tailored to specific customer needs. This allows us to offer a very wide range of connectors at a very competitive cost and lead times when compared to traditionally manufactured subsea connectors.


  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Manufacture
  • On-site moulding and over-moulding for Polyurethane, Neoprene and Polyethelene
  • Metal to glass seals (up to 3600m depth)
  • Pressure Testing (to 10,000psi)


Under-sea examples include specialised applications such as the hull-penetrator, cable and antenna for the Astute submarine’s UHF and SARSAT distress beacon and a 300m sea cable – carried with a moulded strain-relief connector – for the winch on the 2093 mine-hunting sonar which incorporates a combined hydraulic/electrical cable assembly.

Just above the water, solutions include the cable harnesses for an array of deep ocean meteorological buoys.