Training & Education

We develop and deliver specialist training and education programmes to the defence and nuclear industries. Combining the latest multimedia, distance learning and face-to-face techniques, we offer tailored programmes that help you make the most of your people.


Digital learning

We use modern technology to create training that is memorable, educational and appropriate.
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Our in-house team develop content for both guided and self-led training.
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Face to face delivery

We provide classroom based training that uses engagement to ensure interest and training outcomes.
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Training for the nuclear and defence sector

Nuclear Safety

We help organisations develop and sustain their Nuclear Safety Culture and Awareness through the provision of training for Personnel.

Nuclear Submarines

We provide consultancy and training services to organisations involved in the design, build, maintenance and operation of UK nuclear-powered submarines.

What we offer

Bespoke training

Training tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.

Blended learning

Combining distance, classroom and practical elements.

Learner centric

Engaging courses that are focussed on learning.

Auditable records and results

Individual training records to demonstrate competency.

Understandable and relevant training

Terminology and examples relevant to your business.

High quality documentation

Comprehensive and compelling training manuals and software.

“If I could influence one recommendation within the business it would be that this course is mandatory for all”

"Every now and then I attend a course that actually changes my perceptions. This course is an example of one those times."

Who we have trained

Digital learning

The growth of the digital generation is having a dramatic impact on the way people learn. We understand the impact and benefits of digital technology as aids to learning and development, leveraging modern technology in new and exciting ways to create packages that are memorable, educational and appropriate.

  • Bespoke material designed to meet your specific requirements
  • Interactive and engaging, designed for today’s learner
  • Delivered either in story or scenario-based modules
  • Employing media and rich content to maintain interest and ensure understanding


Our in-house multimedia team develop content for both guided and self-led training, which can be offered as a separate service or as part of a learning package.

  • Animations that clearly illustrate the key points and details
  • Learner focused workbooks and handouts
  • Video and audiobooks
  • Interactive media

Face to face delivery

Bringing people together remains a highly effective method for training.  Students not only benefit from the trainer’s own experiences but are also able to share their own knowledge with the other attendees.  Our team of training professionals deliver highly and engaging training sessions at locations convenient for you.

  • Delivered by qualified and experienced Subject Matter Experts
  • Bespoke material and handouts designed with your organisation in mind
  • Learner focused, using group-wide discussions to ensure interest and validity
  • Delivered at your own locations whenever possible

Example courses

Nuclear Cyber Security Course (online)

Nuclear Safety Culture Awareness Course

Introduction to Waste Management in the Nuclear Industry

Generic Nuclear Fundamentals Course

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