New CNC for STS

By 22nd July 2016News

STS Defence improves capabilities with the introduction of a new Axiom Too CNC Co-ordinate Measurement Machine.

STS Defence are committed to continuous improvement through the introduction of new techniques, new technology and our involvement in the Sharing in Growth Programme. Our latest improvement is in our metrology and measurement capability, through the purchase of a brand new Axiom Too CNC Co-ordinate Measurement Machine.

This investment will further improve our inspection processes of fabricated and finished parts, ensuring the accuracy of critical tolerances are achieved and officially documented in a more efficient and repeatable way, ensuring our customers receive accurate product every time.


The Axiom Too CNC CMM possesses key beneficial features:

  • Aberlink’s revolutionary easy-to-use measurement software minimises lead-times for programming and evidencing inspection routines
  • Automated inspection minimises operator touch time ensuring total repeatability
  • Fully automated, clear inspection reports are generated for inclusion in job packs and First Article Reports
  • Volumetric accuracy of (2.1 + 0.4L/100)µm
  • Suitable for the workshop environment including protection from environmental vibrations as standard


STS Defence are always looking to improve our business so that we can ensure customers benefit from the latest innovation, highest quality and best service possible.