Research & Technology

We identify and develop intelligent monitoring and integrated communications technologies that have the potential to change things for the better by engaging with academic institutions, and  accessing research funding from the Government and other sources.

Intelligent Monitoring Systems

One of our key areas of activity is in the use of artificial intelligence in measurement and control systems. By combining artificial intelligence, big data, sensors and communication systems, we are transforming advanced research into applications for real-time machine learning.

FiRST – The world’s first predictive temperature alarm for firefighters.

For a firefighter operating inside a burning building, anticipating the sudden temperature change associated with a potentially lethal flashover is difficult.

FiRST is a simple and robust wearable technology that employs artificial intelligence to accurately predict increases in temperature, giving the firefighter more time to decide on the best course of action.


IConIC – remote predictive health monitoring for ship and shore-based machinery

IConIC is a fresh approach condition-based monitoring for marine engines and shore-based plant.

Based on Artificial Intelligence, IConIC offers real-time, non-invasive analysis of system heath and can predict future potential failures. IConIC is targetting a 3-5% reduction in fuel consumption and a 25% decrease in potential outage time.


What we offer

Research-led product development

A responsive, agile research and development team, offering a cost-effective, proven route to delivering R&D outcomes, from large collaborative projects that we have led, through to specific research taskings, all while retaining the agility associated with being an SME.

Access to the latest thinking

Our relationship with universities and colleges, most notably Portsmouth University, ensures access into the latest thinking in robotics, automation, artificial intelligence (RAAI) and communications technology.

Applications that harness artificial intelligence

STS Defence is at the forefront of using AI for industrial applications, particularly where edge computing can negate the issues associated with transmitting large amounts of data for centralised processing.

Rapid prototyping and development

By working closely with our manufacturing capability, our research team are able to simplify the production of prototypes. We also help clients by managing the manufacturing stage of new product development.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) featuring sensor- agnostic architectures

Signal Processing for a range of sensors and data

System architecture concepts with edge processing

Networked systems and data communications

TRL2 through to TRL6 developments on the pathway to autonomy

Adding value to your programmes

Because we work across the product life-cycle, research projects benefit from manufacturing and platform integration expertise, simplifying product development and reducing the risks for our research customers.

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